Research/KAST Optomechatronics Concept

2019-02-17 (日) 23:11:44 (509d)

KAST Optomechatronics Project --- Concept ---






Semiconductor microfabrication process has enabled us to develop miniature optical “machines” on the surface of silicon substrate such as micro mirror scanners that could be electrostatically driven. Optical MEMS devices are now used in the leading edge information technology devices such as image projection display, fiber optic switch, and data storage. Optical MEMS is an emerging research field of multiple disciplines, namely, microelectronics, micro mechanics, and micro optics (or photonics).

Most conventional optical MEMS have been focused onto the micromechanical devices to control light in free space. Apart from them, we will direct the optical MEMS technology to develop small machines that could be controlled by light signals.

Based upon the two streams of optical MEMS, we will be able to have interaction between machines and photons in the small scale to produce another stage of optical MEMS or optical NEMS (nano electro mechanical systems). The new functional devices for future optical logic processing, fiber telecom, data storage are sought for in this project.


KAST Optomechatronics Project --- Detail ---


  1. 本プロジェクトは、2005年4月から2008年3月にかけて、財団法人神奈川科学技術アカデミー]]の3年間プロジェクトとして運営致しました。
  2. 研究室発足時(2005年4月)のパンフレットはこちら
  1. This project was conducted from April 2005 to March 2008 within the framework of Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technololgy (KAST).