Research/RF-MEMS Metamaterials

2008-05-28 (水) 23:49:53 (4459d)

MEMS Metamaterial Microwave Waveguide


Metamaterial concept was actually established for more than four decades but it has been only experimentally and practically investigated for RF, microwave and millimeterwave circuits in the past 5 years. In parallel to this, MEMS concept has been intensively applied to the microwave area and implemented on silicon to take benefit from its micromachining ability toward RF-MEMS. Beyond these research works on RF-metamaterial and RF-MEMS, there are huge potentialities of mixing these two concepts: to integrate metamaterial on silicon and also add reconfigurable ability thanks to MEMS concept.

In a fundamental point of view, this project will increase the knowledge of material engineering for microwave applications, not using chemical or physicochemical ways, but by exploiting sub-wavelength periodically microstructuration of the silicon.

From an applied engineering point of view, this project will contribute to enhance the microwave performances and the functionalities of systems, which integrate metamaterial-based circuits on silicon and exploit its potentialities in terms of micromachining and electromechanically tunability.


Dr. David Dubuc with LIMMS/CNRS-IIS UMI-2820 is currently a principal investigator on this project with lab staff and students, and his project is in operation within the framework of the LIMMS program.