Research/Optically Assisted Electrostatic Actuators

2008-05-08 (木) 23:23:03 (4446d)

Optically Assisted Electrostatic Actuation


We propose a new non-contact actuation principle for MEMS actuators using light beams. A silicon PN-junction photodiode is combined in parallel with a polysilicon capacitive actuator, where driving voltage is controlled by the photocurrent under light illumination. For a proof-of-concept demonstration, we used a photo-coupler with surface micromachined electrostatic cantilever, and observed the mechanical motion to be controlled by incoming optical signals.

Optically Addressable Digital Mirror for Computing


This principle has potential for controlling arrays of micro/nano mechanisms such as optical computing, optically-tunable opto-electromechanical components, and optically addressed data storages.


The idea of optically addressable MEMS mirror has been used in our power-over-fiber type optical endoscope. See the link below for more information: