Research/Micro XY-stage for 2D Lens Scanner

2019-02-18 (月) 00:13:52 (509d)

OXC (Optical Cross Connect) by Micro 2D Lens Scanner



Microlens can be used as an optical scanner when it has XY motion capability; fine motion is for fiber-collimator offset alignment, and coarse motion is for inter-channel switch. Optical simulation has predicted that a micro lens of 1-mm-focal-length may switch a light to an output port located at a 20 cm distance with a 2 mm inter-channel pitch, by using a 20-um-lens displacement.

Micro XY Stage Mechanism



The developed silicon micro lens 2D scanner has a double gimbal XY-stage using electrostatic comb drive mechanism for the 2D motion with relatively low driving voltage (~40V). The color of the suspension shows three different voltages (for GND, voltage to the +X comb electrode and to the -X comb electrode).

Micro XY Stage by SOI Micromachining



The SEM picture shows the fabricated 2D micro lens scanner. The inner stage has a thin silicon micro lens (3um sag) with four pairs of folded-suspensions (2.0um wide, 500um long) and electrostatic comb drive actuators.

Contact Investigators

Kazuhiro Takahashi and Ho Nam Kwon


  1. Kazuhiro Takahashi, Kunihiko Saruta, Makoto Mita, Hiroyuki Fujita, and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, "An Optical Scanner with Electrostatic Comb Drive XY-Stage," IEEE/LEOS Int. Conf. on Optical MEMS and Their Applications (Optical MEMS 2004), Takamatsu, Japan, Aug. 22-26, 2004, pp. 56-57.