Research/MEMS Optical Scanners for Projection Display

2008-05-04 (日) 12:51:17 (4483d)

Image Projection Head-up Display (HUD) using a MEMS 2D Optical Scanner


A collaboration work with Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Japan is to develop a HUD (Head Up Display) for automobile applications. We used piezoelectric PZT film deposited on an SOI micromachined structure to scan the mirror at the resonant frequencies in both X- and Y-directions. Careful investigation of the structure suggested that large areal density of output force was needed to activate optical scanners of relatively large mirror area (1 mm in diameter) at fast resonant frequencies (over 10 kHz), and that piezoelectric approach would be promising. Preliminary scan results of 211 x 62 bitmap display has been demonstrated.


  1. M. Tani, M. Akamatsu, Y. Yasuda, H. Fujita and H. Toshiyoshi, "A Laser Display using a PZT-Actuated 2D Optical Scanner," IEEE/LEOS Int. Conf. on Optical MEMS and Their Applications, August 1-4, 2005, Oulu, Finland.