2019-02-16 (土) 22:35:29 (795d)

Urayama-san wins a best paper award of IEEJ special issue.



A paper published in the IEEJ Transaction on Sensors and Micromachines wins the best paper award. The paper deals with the R&D results co-operated by Japan Radio Corporation, Ltd. The first author, Mr. Kenichiro Urayama (with JRC) is awarded the prize at the ceremony held during the annual meeting of Sensors and Micromachines meetings on June 29 in Kanazawa.

  • Kenichiro Urayama, Koichiro Akahori, Nobuyuki Adachi, Hiroyuki Fujita, and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, "Digitally Tuned RF-MEMS Varactors Implemented in an 800-MHz Low Phase Noise VCO," IEEJ Trans. SM, vol. 136, no. 2, 2016, pp. 44-54.(Best Paper Award, Special Issue in English
  • Abstract of the paper is here.