Research/MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator with Vertical Comb Drive Mechanism

2008-05-08 (木) 22:47:18 (4479d)

Electrostatic Vertical Comb Drive Actuators


A torsion mirror with electrstatic vertical comb drive actuators has been developed by using deep RIE on an SOI wafer.

Optical Scan Demonstration


The mirror shown above is scaning incident light beam with a large optical scan angle of 40 degrees at the resonant frequency of 6 kHz with relatively small voltage 9 Vac.

Varialbe Optical Attenuator --- a fiber optic component ---


The mirror is used for an variable optical attenuator (VOA) for fiber optic communications.


This work has been done in collaboration with Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.
Hirosh Obi, Toshio Yamanoi, and Hiroshi Toshiyoshi (C) 2004
Conference report on this work (in Japanese)