Research/Fiber Optic Endoscope with an Optically Modulated Micro Mirror

2019-02-18 (月) 00:08:35 (542d)

Fiber Optic Endoscope with an Optically Modulated Micro Mirror



We have developed a new SiP (system in package) style optical MEMS (microelectromechancal system) component for fiber optic endoscope that operates without using external power supply. The endoscope sensor head (5 mm in outer diameter) attached at the end of an optical fiber is designed for the use of in vivo medical diagnosis such as gastrointestinal tact or vascular vein monitor by using an infrared probe light at a 1.3-micron-wavelength. Another infrared light of at a 1.5-micron-wavelength is used in the identical optics in a WDM (wavelength division multiplex) manner to generate the drive voltage (of up to 5 V) in the package by using a collocated photovoltaic cell. Modulation of the MEMS scanner is demonstrated using the optical modulation, by which the risk of electrocution or electromagnetic interference is avoided.


生体試料の観察には、波長1.3μmの赤外光を用いています。光ファイバのもう一端に設けたOCT光学系(Optical Coherent Tomography)によって、最大深さ1mm程度までの断層観察が可能です。

Using the OCT system (Optical Coherent Tomography) located at the other end of the fiber, bio-tissue of 1 mm in depth could be optically observed.


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  4. See also the self-assembling technique of the scanner.

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