IIS Open House 2016

2019-07-03 (水) 06:08:20 (372d)


Lab Open House


As a part of the Research Campus Open House, we show our lab activities by posters/demonstration on June 3 (Fri) - 4 (Sat). This year, we particularly feature on MEMS energy harvester devices for the coming Trillion-Sensor era, where more than a trillion sensors will be consumed a year. We show the recent results of the NEDO and CREST projects.


バイオ化学のための集積化マイクロシステム (New Integrated Systems for Biological and Chemical Applications)


Precise and sensitive tools are needed to investigate further in the biomedical field to track disease, develop new drugs or for more fundamental understanding of biological phenomena. Here, new tools of multi-purpose platform for disease detection and biological cell study are proposed. They are hybrid systems with integrated microelectronics, micro fluidics, and micro sensors. They allow a multitude of investigation approaches including electrical, optical, chemical and biological aspects.

TFT(薄膜トランジスタ)技術による液滴操作型Lab-on-a-Chipの再検討 (Revisiting Lab-on-a-Chip Technology for Discrete Liquid Manipulation using TFT array)

OH2016_Faruk.png微細加工技術とマイクロ流体技術の進展により、Lab-on-a-Chip (LoC)は液滴操作型のバイオ研究に新たなパラダイムをもたらしています。ここでは、液晶ディスプレィにも使われている薄膜トランジスタ(TFT)を利用して、ガラス基板上で微小な液滴を操作する技術を紹介します。

Evolution of micro-fabrication and microfluidics processes has led the concept of Lab-On-a-Chip (LoC) to one of the ideal paradigm for chemical researcher and biological study based upon micromanipulation of discrete droplets. Besides, Thin Film Transistor (TFT) array deduce from lower glass of liquid crystal display (LCD) helps to automate integrate and miniature the microfluidic Devices.

TFT(薄膜トランジスタ)による生体細胞の電気的インピーダンス測定(Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy on TFT for Determination of Cell State)


Transparent Thin Film Transistor arrays are an extremely versatile platform for electrical analysis of cells without interfering with optical characterization. We present the use of impedance spectroscopy to analyze the state of cells using such a device. We were capable of differentiating the state of yeast cells in real time through both impedance phase and magnitude.

銀河スペクトル観測のためのMEMSシャッタアレイ (Electrostatically Addressable Visored Shutter Array by Electroplating for Astronomical Spectroscopy)


The final goal of this project is to build a MEMS shutter array for infrared spectroscope that would be installed in the 6.5-meter size observatory under construction in the Atacama highlands in Chile as a national project of the University of Tokyo. In place of a metallic plate with holes that has been used as a light block in the conventional multi-body observatory, we newly develop a MEMS version of micro shutter array. In this poster, we present a new design of MEMS shutters that are accompanied with an integrated visor structure, that could also be used as an electrode for the electrostatic operation of individual cells.

ポータブルOCT(光断層計測)装置 (All-in-one MEMS OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) System)

OH2016_Santec.png光干渉画像法(OCT=Optical Coherence Tomography)は光の干渉を利用して非接触、非破壊で断層画像を見る技術であり、その非侵襲性から医療分野を中心に実用化が進んでいる。システムの小型化、高速化が望まれることから、光MEMS技術を応用して、持ち運び可能なOCTシステムを開発しました。

OCT or optical coherence tomography is a novel technology to visualize the cross-section of object in a non-invasive manner, and is becoming popular in medical diagnosis applications. We use the MEMS technology to miniaturize the OCT system to make it in a portable package.

MEMS光スキャナのインタラクティブ画像ディスプレィ応用 (MEMS Scanner Applications for Interactive Display)


Using a MEMS optical scanner, we construct an interactive display that optically finds an object inserted into the projected ray, while displaying an image, for gesture-interaction. We also construct a search & track system that could be used for a bidirectional free space optical (FSO) communication system. A laser beam is scanned circularly to look for a Passive Optical Terminal (PON) and tracks its motion by using the PID control of the scanner based on the position of the reflected laser beam.

MEMSエナジーハーベスタを用いた自立電源型センサノード (Self-supplied Wireless Sensor Node Based on MEMS Electret Energy Harvester)


The target of this work is to develop autonomous wireless sensor node powered by MEMS electret energy harvester, with a management circuit incorporating power rectification and storage under ultra low power consumption, which would be used in the anomaly detection of air conditioner outdoor unit.

体内埋め込み型の液体振動発電素子 (Implantable Fluidic Energy Harvester)


Implantable energy harvester can generate enough power of 1 mW from heart motion to drive less-invasive respiratory device. Using an external pump instead of heart motion, the capacitance difference of fabricated channel filled with air and de-ionized water is 5.5 nF. In addition, the simulation result shows 8 mF capacitance difference caused by 20 Vp-p amplitude and 2.7 mW average power.

CMOS−MEMS型集積化赤外エミッタアレイ (Design of CMOS-MEMS Infrared Emitter Array)

OH2016_Cheng.pngCMOS技術(0.5-um 2-Poly-3-Metal配線)を利用して、メタマテリアル光吸収層と組み合わせた高帯域のMEMS赤外発光素子を設計した。発光源を空中に指示するマイクロ機構を3種類設計し、発光効率と応答速度のトレードオフ問題を定量的に検証した。発光体の層構造として、絶縁/金属/絶縁/金属(IMIM)の四層構造と、金属/絶縁/金属(MIM)の三層構造を採用し、発光強度と帯域を同時に拡大可能であることを示した。

We present a new design of CMOS-MEMS broadband infrared (IR) emitter arrays with metamaterial absorbers (MAs) integrated by the CMOS back-end of line (BEOL) process of 0.5-micron 2-Poly-3-Metal CMOS rules. Three different shapes of micro emitters are designed to balance the trade-off relationship between performance and yield. Tri-layer metal-insulator-metal (MIM) and four-layer insulator-metal-insulator-metal (IMIM) MAs are adopted to broaden the emissivity waveband and to enhance the emissivity.