Hint/High Voltage Driver (2) Improved Penny Driver

2008-05-09 (金) 17:15:56 (4478d)

SDA Driver (Last update Feb. 18, 2000)


The circuit shown here is a one-box driver for scratch drive actuator. The printed-circuit-boad is mounted on top of a power supply, which has been removed from a PC. Voltages of +5v and +/-11v are used for operation. Either 5v or 11v is dc-dc converted by EMCO Q01-5 up to 100v or 220v, respectively. This voltage is switched by using bipolar transistors of large Vceo (=600v). A relaxation oscillator of an op-amp is built on the board to generate a switching signal to the transistors (see related pages: Penny Driver, 2D scanner driver).

Operation manual:

  1. Turn on the main power switch (1). Main power indicator (LED) will be on.
  2. Choose output voltage (100v or 220v) by switch (2).
  3. Choose frequency (30Hz, 60 Hz, or 300 Hz) by switch (3).
  4. Turn on output switch (4).
  5. To stop using, turn off switches (4), (2), and (1).