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Research Field: Welcome to the Optical and RF-MEMS Lab with Prof. Hirosi Toshiyoshi and Prof. Agnes Tixier-Mita. We are a research group with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Micro-Nano Methods (CIRMM)*1 located at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS)*2, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Our research interest is in the optical MEMS, RF-MEMS*3, and integrated MEMS technologies.

Research Topics: You may find our research topics (accomplishment and on-going) at Research. Our lab life can be sampled at Lab Daily Life page. Click on the links on the left to find more about us, such as Members and Publication.

Student Admission: Our lab accommodates graduate school students (master and Ph.D course) within the EE (Electrical Engineering) course of the University of Tokyo. Entrance exam information and lab topics for candidate students are at research high-light.

National Project: From March 2015, we operate a NEDO Leading Program on High Efficiency MEMS Vibrational Energy Harvesters for Trillion Sensors Society in collaboration with NMEMS Technological Research Organization. From December 2015, we also operate a CREST program (Scientific Innovation for Energy Harvesting Technology) of JST on "Electret MEMS Vibrational Triboelectric Generation."

© Optomechatronics Lab of Prof. Hiroshi TOSHIYOSHI (Micromachine System Engineering) within the CIRMM, IIS, the University of Tokyo

*1 CIRMM = Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Micro-Nano Methods
*2 IIS = Institute of Industrial Science
*3 RF-MEMS = Radio Frequency MEMS