Transducers 2005 papers

2005-06-15 (水) 22:20:33 (5502d)

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  • 1C3.5 "Micro XY-stages with Spider-leg Actuators for 2-Dimensional Optical Scanning" by H.N. Kwon (oral)
  • 2C3.2 "Monolithic Integration of High Voltage Driver Circuits and MEMS Actuators by ASIC-like postprocess" by K. Takahashi (oral)
  • 2E4.57 "Foxtail Actuators" by M. Mita (poster)
  • 2E4.104 "Real Time Observation of Micromachined Field Emission Tip using Transmission Electron Microscope" by K. Kakushima (poster)
  • 3A2.4 "A Light-in Light-out Micro Mirror Device" by Y. Yamauchi (oral)
  • 2E4.129 "A MEMS 1-D Optical Scanner for Laser Projection Display using Self-assembled Vertical Combs and Scan-angle Magnifying Mechanism" by M. Yoda w/ SEIKO EPSON (late news poster)
  • 2E4.160 "A LATERAL FIELD-EMISSION RF MEMS DEVICE" by K. Yamashita (late news poster)