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Impact factors of MEMS-related Journals

  • Impact Factor Function
    • I.F of year X = [Total number of year X citation of the papers published in the previous two years (X-1 and X-2)] / [Total number of papers published in the previous two years (X-1 and X-2)]
  • 元データ / Original source
    • Web of Science, Thomson Reuters
JournalImpact Factor
Impact Factor
Journal Link / Impact Factor Source
Advanced Energy Materials16.721
ACS Nano Letters13.77912.712
Wiley Small8.64
IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits3.2994.181
IEEE JSTQE3.4653.971
IEEE JLT2.5673.671
AIP APL3.1423.411
OSA Optics Express3.1483.307
IEEE Electron Device Letters2.5283.048
Applied Physics Express (APEX)2.2652.667
IEEE TED1.4732.605
Elsevier Sensors & Actuators A2.2012.499
IEEE PTL1.9452.375
IEEE JMEMS1.9392.124
AIP J. Apply. Phys.2.1012.068
MDPI Micromachines1.2951.833
IoP JMM1.7681.794
Applied Optics1.5981.650
AIP Advances1.4441.568
JSAP JJAP1.1221.384
Springer Microsystem Technologies0.9741.195
IET Electronics Letters0.8541.155
IET Micro & Nano Letters0.7230.723
Sensors and Materials0.4890.519
IEEJ Trans. EEE0.2610.517
IEICE ELEX0.3440.456
(as of 2017-06-23)


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Shadowy Journals and Meetings

  • An icreasing number of e-mail are delivered every day these days asking us to submit an invited paper or soliciting to the editorial board. After a short web survey, I could spot a few "fake" journals, and I want to raise caution of yours. Use the following link to protect yourselves. Password is needed for some contents.
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