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Impact factors of MEMS-related Journals

  • Impact Factor Function
    • I.F of year X = [Total number of year X citation of the papers published in the previous two years (X-1 and X-2)] / [Total number of papers published in the previous two years (X-1 and X-2)]
  • 元データ / Original source
    • Web of Science, Thomson Reuters
JournalImpact Factor
Impact Factor
Advanced Energy Materials24.88416.721
ACS Nano Letters13.77912.712
Wiley Small10.8568.64
IEEE JSTQE5.1733.971
IEEE Electron Device Letters4.023.048
IEEE JLT4.1623.671
Journal of The Electrochemical Society3.662
Sci. Techno. Adv. Mater.3.5853.798
OSA Optics Express3.5613.307
AIP APL3.5213.411
IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits3.299
Elsevier Sensors & Actuators A2.7392.499
IEEE JMEMS2.6212.124
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices2.62 (2017)2.605
Applied Physics Express (APEX)2.555 (2017)
IEEE PTL2.5532.375
Journal of the Royal Society Open Science2.515
MDPI Micromachines2.4801.833
J. Mater. Sci: Mater. Med2.467
IoP JMM (Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering)2.1411.794
AIP J. Apply. Phys.2.3282.068
Applied Optics1.7911.650
Elsevier Microelectronic Engineering1.654
AIP Advances1.5791.568
Springer Microsystem Technologies1.513
IEEE Transactions on Components1.486
JSAP JJAP1.4711.384
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing1.336
IET Electronics Letters1.3271.155
IET Micro & Nano Letters0.9750.723
IEEJ Trans. EEE0.6860.517
IEICE ELEX0.5860.456
Sensors and Materials0.519 (2016)0.519
Wiley Electronics and Communications in Japan0.24
(as of 2020-02-26)


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Shadowy Journals and Meetings

  • An icreasing number of e-mail are delivered every day these days asking us to submit an invited paper or soliciting to the editorial board. After a short web survey, I could spot a few "fake" journals, and I want to raise caution of yours. Use the following link to protect yourselves. Password is needed for some contents.
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