IIITDM Jabalpur 2014 Photo 2

2014-03-15 (土) 08:18:27 (2308d)

IIITDM Jabalpur 2014

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Photos off Campus

DSCF1132.JPG The marble valley

DSCF1158.JPG Narmada falls at a 20 km distance from the city center

DSCF1149.JPG Holi festival is two weeks ahead

photo1.JPG At the lobby of Narmada Jackson Hotel

photo2.JPG At the lobby of Narmada Jackson Hotel

DSCF1176.JPG At the lobby of Narmada Jackson Hotel

DSCF1177.JPG A buffet lunch at the hotel

DSCF1185.JPG Indian Coffee House in downtown Jabalpur

DSCF1178.JPG A south Indian food "idly" (left, white)

DSCF1189.JPG Purchasing a flowering for temple

DSCF1193.JPG Admiring a Hindu temple

DSCF1200.JPG A charm making around the wrist

DSCF1217.JPG At the Shiva statue park

DSCF1229.JPG Colorful vegie plate

DSCF1232.JPG In the university guest house

photo3.JPG A Ganesha figure brought over from Narmada marble valley

IIITDM Jabalpur 2014 Photo 1