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2004-10-18 (月) 10:59:52 (5743d)

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How to join the MEMS Cleanroom Users

If you are not yet an official member of Fujita & Toshiyoshi group on MEMS/NEMS but would like to use our cleanroom facility for your process, please follow the instruction to obtian permission:

  1. Talk to responsible supervisor/advisor of yours that you would like to use our fab
  2. Your supervisor/advisor calls one of us (Prof. Fujita at x56248 or Prof. Toshiyoshi x56276) <-- remove nospam_ before sending e-mail.
  3. We will get together to discuss your research plan and to agree on our Collaboration Policy
  4. Your request is accepted, in most cases
  5. Get ready your insurance policy that covers damages, loss, and medical cost of yours as well as of others caused by your action in the lab.
  6. Understand our Equipment Reservation Policy, superuser system, and routine duty in cooperative management of the lab (weekly cleaning schedule, lab maintenance).
  7. You will be one of us and enrolled in the CR e-mail list (
  8. Say hello to us ( at your earliest possible opprtunity
  9. Start leaning how to use equipment by asking instruction given by superusers. Use official lab manuals.


  1. Find your research partner from among the senior CR users. You will enjoy more chance of knowing tricks to get you on the fast "car-pool" lane! Never attempt to do anything alone if you are totally new and stranger. Do not waste your time (Hiroshi ;-)
  2. Keep your eyes on the e-mails to ( Useful hints are everywhere. Most e-mails related to CR come with brief English abstract.