Equipment Reservation Policy

2004-09-17 (金) 08:55:20 (5774d)

Optical and RF MEMS Lab?

Reservation Policy:


Please understand that this reservation sheet is NOT to guarantee your exclusive timeslot. Technically it is possible to occupy all the timeslot of a month for yourself only, but don't do that. The sheet is just to declare "I would like to use this equipment in such timeslot for such purpose." If someone else happens to have a plan to use the identical equipment in the identical timeslot, he/she is encouraged to nominate him/herself in the timeslot, which is technically possible. Those who are in the timeslot are supposed to talk each other to rearrange their schedule such that one may finish the process earlyer and tell the other "It's your turn !" So, please leave your contact phone# and processing plan in the message board. Don't hesitate to put yourself but don't be too time-hungry ;-)


We have prepared the reservation sheets for some limited lab equipment only, such as ICPRIE, LPCVD and furnaces, which may take long time once you start it. Therefore, we do not set tight timeslot but loose ones, namely, morning, afternoon, and night. Users are requested to leave a message saying, for instance, "LPCVD polysilicon 1 um at 600 degC in a glass cover jig for such and such condition starting 2pm to 4pm possibly" or "very thick wet thermal oxide 2um after 20 hour, in 1100 degC starting 4pm overnight." Your message will be a great help for someone else, if he/she happens to have the same processing plan. They can share it this time, and you may share it next time. Don't fight for it ;-)


If a machine has not been reserved but open for anyone, first-come will be first served. We are actively working in the cleanroom and occasionally come up a new idea that you would like to test right away. Most of new idea show up when we are actually working on hands. We do not want to lose the chance just because the equipment is unnecessarily taken. So, do not make reservation more than needed. Be flexible!


It sometimes happens that you might need to cancel your subsequent processing schedule due to the delay or unsuccessful results of your previous processes. In such case, please let us know that the machine is now open for someone else. Please also scratch out your processing plan from the reservation sheet. If you don't notice us, the machine will be left unused, which will be enormous loss of our lab resource. We would like to use machines as efficiently as possible to make ourselves run fast ;-)


If you find a machine reserved for someone else but left running unused, you might have a chance to use it. But just try to check up the reservation sheet first and ask the person if it OK with him/her. Don't use it without asking. This is related to CANCELLATION POLICY above: If you have reserved something but did not use it at all, you will be disappointing the rest of us a lot. We do not want to set any penalty for that for a moment but would like to be good friends each other ;-)


Fast cars can pass slow ones on highway. What do you do if you are doing photolithography on a mask-aligner and if it seems to take more, while someone else is waiting for it behind you. Maybe you should be kind enough to ask him/her "how long is yours going to take?" If it seems to be reasonably short enough, vacate the seat to let him/her use it quickly. This may happen to the mask aligners, SEM, and the probestations. If you need to occupy them for a long time for your time-consuming process/observation, please let us know in advance on the reservation sheet. The reservation sheet is for it. So, what is short and long time. A good rule of thumb will be a 30-minute-period for most observation instruments and a two-hour-period for most processing equipment including chemical drafts. If you are taking longer, look around yourself and consider vacating it for a while ;-)


Sometime lab equipment is out-of-service when superusers decide to pull over to maintenance. We try to announce it early enough to minimize the impact to your processing schedule.