Collaboration Policy

2004-09-17 (金) 09:11:54 (5774d)

How to join

Our policy in co-working with you (Toshi lab policy)

Thank you very much for your interest in our research activity in MEMS and NEMS.

We, Toshiyoshi's group, try to be as open and accessible as possible for your research collaboration proposal. We have a lot pieces of micromachining equipment that would look very attractive to you, and we understand that to make good use of them would be beneficial not only for your conducting research but also to the progress of overall research activity in the field of MEMS and NEMS.

However, one thing that you need to understand is that we are not a MEMS foundry service. If you are just looking for an out-source of micromachining capability, we recommend that you would use professional MEMS foundry services, which is pretty much faster and more reliable. For we are a research group of MEMS/NEMS, our mission is to explore new frontiers. In this sense, we would like to be cooperative to your research proposal as long as we both can comit to scientific significance.

Maybe you would like to use our deep RIE, for instance, to sample your idea; in such a case, we would be happy to demonstrate process for you, but frequency is limited, for we are very a small research group of only several student power.

Thank you ;-)

Hiroshi Toshiyoshi